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Sohel Chowdhury
Jul 24, 2022
In Self Help Forum
When it comes to PPC search advertising, Bing probably isn't the phone number list first channel to think about. But if you already use AdWords and Facebook Ads, you should also check out Bing Ads . Bing accounts for 20% of search volume in the phone number list United States. They also partner with Yahoo! to display ads, which drives them to over 30% market share. This means that if you only advertise on Google, you miss up to 1 in 3 potential phone number list customers. Bing has also taken aggressive steps phone number list to claim more market share with programs like Bing Rewards (get paid to search) and features like Find Objects in an Image . This is a huge automatic increase in ROI that depends phone number list as much on your CPC (cost per click) as it does on your conversion rates and sales volume. Remember, ROI conversion value / conversion cost. By reducing costs, you increase the return phone number list on investment. You'll be able to spread your money over more ads and grow your campaigns faster than with Google. Another thing a lot of people tend phone number list to assume is that Bing's ad platform doesn't have to look as good as Google's. And with a smaller reach, they assume it will be a big investment to access a market half the size. Fortunately, that's just not true. Bing's platform is actually very similar phone number list to Google's. I mean, just look at their keyword planner tool. We've helped Fortune 500 companies, VC-backed startups, and phone number list businesses like yours grow revenue faster . Bing even lets you import your existing AdWords campaigns phone number list to get started in minutes, and has deployed plenty of resources phone number list to make its ad targeting and ad management even more competitive. This month, they launched a feature that lets you target specific device types (desktop, phone, or tablet). You can push more of your budget towards certain devices or eliminate one altogether if its return phone number list on investment is significantly worse for you. Who searches on Bing? We can see that there are definitely phone number list markets that would benefit greatly from extending their PPC efforts to the Bing Ads network. For example, those whose products target older, high-income customers or blue-collar families working in the phone number list United States. But if these don't describe your customers, I encourage you to try them anyway. Bing is home to many surprising niches.
The Phone Number List Ultimate Guide to Using Bing Ads content media
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Sohel Chowdhury

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