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The tools and support to build the life you want

You feel overwhelmed. 

Of course you do. 

You've done everything you were supposed to do.

You have a career you've worked hard for, you are successful, you succeed in one area of your life just to feel like you're failing in others.  You have consulted friends, therapists, coaches, nothing seems to help.


You still feel like you're stumbling through life and there's something you're missing.  

It's not you.

Join us at the AM Place

We help you achieve balance and goal fulfillment in all areas of your life.  Our approach is grounded by science combined with ancient wisdom.  We recognize you as the multifaceted person you are with the complex life you have.

Are you surviving instead of thriving?

✔️ Do you find yourself writing down the same goals over and over again without making progress?

✔️ Do you feel like you need time to prioritize, strategize, and get your head out of the weeds but never seem to find the cracks in your schedule?

✔️ Do you find your needs at the bottom of the list? 

✔️ Do you want to start feeling fulfilled and enjoy life? 

✔️ Do you want to achieve your goals?

Let's have a conversation!

‪(313) 591-0665

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