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Mentors, coaches, team builders, transformers

We grew up with a mother who was a big fan of Greek mythology.  We would drift off to sleep listening to the brave and fantastic tales of the ancient gods, goddesses, and heroes.  These stories planted a seed of inspiration that has become the AM place.  We believe that everyone is capable of great achievements and has the courage to forge their path from desire to reality and potentially even myth.  Afterall, myths are retellings and embellishments of the lives of people who were courageous enough to step out of their confines and do something extraordinary. 


So why the AM place?  


First, there’s no better time to get started than the morning.  It’s when most people are their most creative, productive, and open to change.  We like to imagine (and experience) a misty cool morning where the sun is just starting to peak up, rousing the birds and their sweet songs.  Everything is still and quiet, and the possibilities are endless.  This is the time we love to be out and about.  We draw inspiration from the natural beauty and calm, and can accomplish more during this time than we can with the distractions and demands that the rest of the day brings. 


Secondly, we draw inspiration specifically from Athena and Medusa.  To us Athena is a symbol of wisdom, courage, and strategic prowess and Medusa is a symbol of protection and empowerment. 

We have spent decades coaching, mentoring, and building teams.  Both internally in some of the highest performing, cutting edge companies, and personally.  

We have worked from the C-Suite down and from the Fortune 10 down.  

Our passion is to bring our knowledge and expertise to helping you envision and create your dream life. We hope you will join us in our community of empowered women who have taken control of their stories and are building lives that will live on in legend.

Let's work together!

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