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Time and focus are the magic to reaching your goals. | 5 key paths to following through on your goals.

Emily learned about the power of knowing her goals so she can get where she wants to be in life. Emily is an excellent planner, every year she writes down her goals. She even writes down what she wants to do every week. But by the end of the week her kids have had fast food for three nights, she blew her clothing budget stress shopping, and her house is a mess.  And by the end of the year, she hasn’t hit any of the ambitious goals for change she has for her life. What is going wrong for Emily? 

She is missing the time and space in her life to actually achieve her goals. Planning and budgeting take time. Focused and dedicated time. They also take systems, and using those systems takes time.  In the long run these systems save time, and can help you move mountains. But investing the time and focus, week after week, can be daunting. 

So does this mean we are all destined to be stuck on the hamster wheel of life? Never making progress to our key goals? Not at all, it just means we need to follow through on the planning step. We need time and focus.  

Tricks for getting the time you need to focus: 

  1. Set aside a little time each day. 20 - 30 minutes. Either right when you wake up or just before you go to bed.   If you can’t do a big chunk of time, do several smaller ones but at the same time each day. 

  2. Set up an hour each week for focusing on your goals and planning. Do you planning in one large chunk.  

  3. Work with a friend, share your progress and hold each other to the goals you have set. Having someone counting on you helps ensure you will have the focus needed. 

  4. Join an accountability group, sometimes it helps to put your money where your mouth. If you pay for something you are more likely to do it. 

  5. Don’t give up. Making big changes is hard. If you slip on your goals, don’t make the progress you want, over spend one week, that is okay. Just pick yourself up and try again the next time. 

If you are working to change your life, remember having a plan isn’t enough. You need to take the time and space to monitor and measure your progress to that plan. There many ways you can find the time and focus you need. If you are stuck try one of our coaching sessions, or working accountability sessions. We are here to help you unlock the best you! 

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